Savannah Disc Golf Association

Bag Tag Rules

SDGA Bag Tag Rules

10731062_834935449890901_88Introduction:  SDGA Membership is $10 and a new player may sign up at any time.  The purpose of bag tags is to encourage good competition, improve the play of all members of the club, foster more friendships, and create an active club environment. Please conduct yourself within the spirit of the competition.  Have fun and help grow the sport.

In all tag matches, PDGA rules apply.  The basic principle is that your tag is ALWAYS in play at Savannah Disc Golf Courses (GOLD, BLACK, BLUE, RED, WHITE – TTP, Sarge, HHI, Church).  Even if you show up at a Savannah Disc Golf Courses not having received a challenge, if you play with another tag holder, it is for tags.  At specified weekly club events/tournaments the tee/course played is determined ahead of time by the SDGA administration.  Otherwise, the lowest tag # decides the tee/course to be played

  1. Tags are not in play on other courses outside of SDGA courses unless by mutual agreement of all parties or decided by the direction of the SDGA Board of Directors. Doubles or handicap or tournament rounds don’t affect tags unless otherwise specified by the Board.
  2. You must carry your tag with you at all times and display your tag where it can be easily seen. Concealing your tag is not allowed. Tags must be present to accept or issue a challenge.
  3. Challenges must be accepted from any tag holders no matter what the number of the challenger (i.e. tag #50 can challenge tag #1 at any time). No tier protection.
  4. Groups of 3 or more tag-holding players playing a round should redistributed tags in the order of finish for that round.
  5. The player who receives the challenge gets to pick the course/tee/format. The player who gets challenged will give the challenger 2 dates he can make within a 1-month period to get the match completed or lose his tag to the challenger. If the original challenger can’t make the 2 dates given, the challenge is void and both players can look for new challenges. The original challenger can withdraw a challenge at any time before the match starts. Advanced notice should be given and one week is recommended.
  6. Play continues in all-weather except lightning. Lightning automatically voids the round. Players get their starting tag back.
  7. If you leave a tag round mid-round you are required to leave your tag with the organizer or remaining players in your group, and you will be issued the highest tag available at the next tag round you attend.
  8. If you physically lose your bag tag (lost, stolen, dog ate it, etc), you may buy the next available tag # for $10.
  9. Ties are won by the player who had the lower bag tag # at the beginning of the round. However, if ALL players agree before the round starts or as directed by the Board; a play-off hole(s) format can be used to break ties.
  10. It is proper etiquette for out of town players to leave with the highest available tag in consideration for those who play weekly events.
  11. If a player refuses to play for tags or exchange tags at the end of the round, please report the incident right away to any member of the SDGA Board of Directors. Any violation of the rules may be subject to having his/her tag revoked or restart at the last # available. Let’s all be adults and good sports so this rule never has to be enforced.